Mastermind to Magnify the Quality + Quantity of Your Dates

Join the company of likeminded MEN on the same path as you, in full discovery mode, who are ready to improve on all levels of their dating game. Because, here's the thing guys...

Whether you're single, in a relationship, or married, you're still dating. 

I don't care whether you're married to your date or not, if you're not dating her, you're leaving a wide opportunity for someone else to do so. Especially, if you're in a committed relationship, you've got to know how to keep her coming back for more for the forseable future. 

attract the women you want into your life, home, and bedroom

By joining this Mastermind Group, you are magnifying your ability to attract amazing women by massive amounts. 

What You Get Every Month

No.1 - 1 Hour of Weekly Group Coaching (value $2000)

Get straight up, no bullshit, group coaching training from Spike Spencer on all facets of dating, relationships, and food.


To keep you on your game with new ideas, new recipes, and new experiences for you to enjoy with your date.


And this is huge, because, gentlemen, we've got to step it up together. That's how you grow and go forward faster than flying solo. 

All for less than a dinner for two at Olive Garden.

P.S. Never take a date to the Olive Garden.